Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Healthy Mom = Healthy Home!

One of the most important...and most frequently overlooked aspects of creating a healthy home is having a healthy mom. After all, MOM is the heartbeat of the home.  Most of us women freely admit that we take better care of ourselves than we take care of ourselves. This is great in terms of compassion and service to others. However, if we don't slow down and intentionally make time to care for ourselves, we will eventually burn out and there won't be anything left of us to give or to take care of others with. 

Massage is one of my very favorite forms of self-care. It's not a luxury just for the rich and famous. A good massage, especially when it's focused on restorative bodywork and stress relief rather than just creating a luxury spa experience, can have many healing benefits that are good for the body, mind, and soul. At my house, massage isn't a want. It's a need...and it's also a regularly occurring medical expense that is budgeted for every month. I can't recommend it enough!  

Call and book yourself an appointment with your favorite local massage therapist today!